Best Beaches in Florida

key-west-florida-jpg-rend-tccom-616-462Florida, the sunshine state, as it is fondly nicknamed because of its warm subtropical climate and vast stretches of sandy beaches, is a beach paradise. For a vacationer, it offers beaches that suit everyone’s pocket and are perfect for everyone, i.e., for those who want to holiday alone, with friends, or with family. Here are some of the most popular beaches.

Clearwater Beach
With its spectacular sunsets and clean beaches, Clearwater is listed as the best beach to get married. So, any one planning a beach wedding must head to Clearwater. It is very family-friendly, as it offers many exciting recreational activities like Belleview Biltmore Resort Golf Academy, marine aquarium, jazz concerts, shopping malls, etc. The nightlife is also very active here.

South Beach
It is a great beach for couples as it offers a preview into the Latin-American lifestyle with its famed food, best martinis, music, and beautiful people. Here, one can laze around as well as shop to heart’s content. All hotels and resorts are close to the beach. However, it is to be noted that, South Beach holiday

Family Adventure Vacation Ideas

imagesIf you realize that it has been long since you have been on a holiday with your family, here’s something for you. If you and your family members are of the adventurous type, an adventure outing could be a good choice for your vacation. You might like to go hiking to someplace less visited, or engage in extreme sports. You might want to enjoy a forest trail and explore the wild, or go family camping by the riverside. The options are plenty. It’s you who makes the choice.


If hiking in the hilly regions and walking in the wilds is something you enjoy doing, go trekking. Weather conditions and topography must be taken into account before planning a trek. If you are a trekker, you will love to explore the Himalayan regions in India. The Andes in South America is another popular destination for trekking. Alaska’s autumn forests, the rainforests of Australia and Africa, and the Kilimanjaro range in Africa offer some of the top trekking destinations. The Ladakh range in India, High Sierra in California, Mount Kenya, and the Swiss Alps are some other tourist destinations that are

Adventure Travel Destinations

Who wouldn’t want to live a life full of journeys and exploration? In fact, children who get the opportunity to see the world can surely be deemed fortunate. Young minds always tend to view the world in the right perspective, since their thinking is pretty much clean and not biased. If we are to educate our kids about the world, the best means would be to actually take them out there.

Seems like a fine idea on paper, isn’t it? Especially when parents have to contend with a thousand chants of “I’m bored” and “Are we there yet?” throughout the journey. Well, this certainly is the drawback of traveling with kids. But we do urge you to browse through this list of kid-friendly adventure travel destinations―you can’t be assured of a no-complaints trip, but they will definitely be reduced to a bare minimum.


Japan doesn’t just have to be the good ol’ Land of the Rising Sun, neither should it be limited to just another exotic eastern destinations. As a matter of fact, Japan happens to be a winner of a destination among young children and teenagers alike. Well, with their sterling anime and manga culture, and

Tips to Get the Best Hotel Deals

A Bit of Advice
It is better not to use certain facilities offered by the hotels. One of them is the telephone, while the other is the room service. These can add a hefty amount to your final bill.
If you are planning to go on a vacation or business trip any time soon, one of the most important things you will need to do, apart from booking your travel tickets, will be to look for a nice accommodation that can fit into your budget. The good news is that this is possible! Even if you are traveling with limited funds in hand, there is absolutely no need to stay in a cheap motel. You can also manage to find budget accommodations in good, business class hotels, where you can not only enjoy your stay, but also save a substantial amount of money, which can then be utilized for other things such as shopping and food. For this, all you need to do is to learn some clever tips and tricks that will help you get some of the best hotel deals that are out there.

How to Get Great Hotel Deals
No matter where you plan

Tips for Traveling with Kids

Most adults enjoy traveling and looking forward to vacations. But for a real adventure, try taking a child with you. Children have a unique way of noticing things you may not see, asking questions you may not think to ask, and suggesting side trips you might not have considered. A trip can be educational and exciting for everyone involved when a child comes along. But traveling with kids is different in many ways, so it’s best to be prepared and plan ahead to ensure the trip is a success.

Plan Ahead for the Confines of an Airplane
When adults have to fly for a couple of hours on a plane, they can keep themselves happy and distracted by reading a magazine, listening to the radio, or just taking a nap. But unless there’s a kid-friendly in-flight movie playing, kids will need something to distract them from having to sit in their seats for the entire flight, especially if it’s a long one. Pack a carry-on bag for in-flight distractions such as books, favorite toys, and healthy snacks (check with your airline to be sure any drinks you take are allowed). Pack at least one change of clothes in case

Vacation Ideas for Families

Vacations are great stress busters! Therefore everyone of us would like to head off for a vacation to any place which would rejuvenate our body as well as mind. Now, if we have our family with us, all the enjoyment, fun and excitement doubles and we could have a vacation like never before! In a family vacation, we would have young kids entertaining us all the way, we would have seniors with whom we’ll feel protected, and teenagers that would be excited and enthusiastic to experience everything that comes in their way! And above all, we ourselves would feel cheerful when all our beloved ones are happy. This article suggests some vacation ideas that would add up to the quality of your vacation, and also have something enjoyable for everyone.

Family Vacation Ideas

Beaches – From Sun to Sand!
Beaches! A beach vacation is liked by everyone, as it is full of excitement and enjoyment for everyone. Well, this is because, kids can have a great time playing with the waves, teenagers can spend time snorkeling and surfing in the blues of the ocean, couples can spend quality time, going around for a long walk along the coast and seniors

Best Beaches in France

France has an enviable 3427 kilometers of coastline, dotted with scenic resorts and natural beauty. French beaches of the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean sea are listed among the top beaches in the world. They offer a range in their scene, from the rugged cliffs of the Normandy beaches to the long stretches of sand along the Brittany coast.

Top French Beaches

The best time to hit French beaches is in the summer, when the waters are warm and there is sun aplenty. The popular beaches of France are dotted along its four main coastlines, each offering something unique and exotic.

French Riviera

The French Riviera is located along the Mediterranean coastline and is known for its über-cool crowd. For those who seek glitz and glamor, this is the place to be. Besides its exotic waters, the French Riviera offers world-class resorts and the star-studded Cannes film festival.

St. Tropez
St. Tropez is one of the jewels of the French Riviera, because the locals believe that its coastline shimmers like a pearl that’s been dipped in gold. The beaches of St. Tropez are dotted with expensive yachts, five-star beach resorts, and the rich and famous, who flock here to rest, recuperate, and be

Midwest Family Vacations

Family vacations to Midwest surely entice you with loads of fun related to art, culture, and nature. Midwestern United States―Midwest is the north central part of the US that comprises 12 out of the 50 US states. No wonder that family vacations in Midwest are always exciting and enthralling. There is something for every family member and hence, it is one of the most popular family vacations destination when it comes to finding the best from the round trip itineraries of the US. Once you zero in on the desired location in the Midwest, planning the things to do there is not a big deal. You can do everything from whitewater river rafting to enjoying delicious cuisine, and from calming your soul in the realms of nature to going on crazy shopping sprees.

The 12 Midwest states include: Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Needless to say, all these states are rich with their own cultural and natural traveling destinations. Here is a list of some of the most visited destinations.

Wisconsin Dells
Wisconsin Dells is also referred as the Water park capital of the world, since it is the home

Winter Vacations for Families

Just like a vacation in summer, everyone eagerly waits for the winter vacation to start. Kids are the most excited, waiting for an announcement anytime from their parents. With the chill outside, the best you can do is run away from it with your family and have fun. It does not matter whether you hop in the car with your kids for a picnic at a nearby lake or take a flight to an exotic location. What matters is the time spent together and the good memories etched in the mind. But one should consider several aspects before making the final decision. The availability of each family member to go on the vacation, finance, interest, duration, destination, etc., are some important things that need to be considered.

The Destinations

Winter vacation for families should be planned in a way wherein, both parents and children can enjoy and bond with each other. Taking a vacation is said to be therapeutic, and a good vacation can improve your job performance as well as your kids’ grades.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

It is a great location, but take this trip only if you have at least two days to spare. One day is not enough to

Tips to Plan a Family Beach Vacation

So, what are the most important considerations when you are planning for a family beach vacation? Location, activities, money involved, and quality of beaches are some of the main factors that you’ll probably take into consideration, right? But since you are planning for a family vacation, you might want to ensure that the trip caters to all your family’s needs and desires. Put simply, the vacation must have a little something for everyone, right from fun activities for the kids to diverse recreational options for the adults. We know that planning a vacation is no easy task. But with a few simple tips, you are good to go.

10 Tips to Plan a Family Vacation at the Beach

☀ Before you plan the destination, ask everyone in the family what they’re looking forward to. If it’s just the beach, your job becomes simpler. If not, list down what everyone says and make sure they get it. You don’t want anyone to be sad during a vacation.

☀ Most hotels don’t charge money for kids aged 10 and less. Make sure you finalize on one of these hotels. Booking a separate room for kids will not only add to your staying expenses,

Nice Family Vacation Spots

Family vacations are an ideal way to unwind, and they offer a much-needed break from our hectic schedules. Going on a holiday can prove to be an exciting experience for the entire family. After all, everyone wants to spend quality time with their loved ones and more so if it is somewhere far away on a serene island or a golden beach. This is all the more true for the kids who really look forward to these outings. However, to make sure that a vacation turns out to be truly memorable for you and your family, you need to plan everything well in advance. Needless to say, the first thing you need to decide upon is the vacation spot. Zeroing in on a holiday destination can be a tough job, given the many options available. All the same, here are some nice family vacation spots to make it easier for you to choose one.

Nice Vacation Spots for Your Family
When choosing a destination for your family vacation, go for one that has something for every member of your family. For example, if you enjoy swimming and your son or daughter is into paragliding, decide on a

Hot and Happening Travel Spots

What you’ll find here is a list of places you must absolutely book your tickets to fly over to, be either for a family vacation, a trip for two, or even if you want to have it your way on a solitary holiday. You could meet new people, and explore new places that are waiting for tourists to head on over to.


A popular beach near Santa Marta
A beautiful place tucked away in South America that many people are skeptical about visiting because of conflicts, but it is safe for travelers to head on there on a holiday. You could explore the city with its many skyscrapers, or go to nightclubs and hang out with the locals. Walks on the beaches will stun you with their clean blue views of the Caribbean Sea. It is a great place for couples looking for some memorable times away from home.


A bird’s eye view of stunning Shanghai
The city of Shanghai serves as a perfect destination for families and couples as it is a place where the food, people, and places crave attention from tourists. If you live in the city looking for some peace and quiet,

Famous Waterfalls of the World

Did You Know?
Iligan City, located in the Province of Lanao del Norte, Philippines, is sometimes called the City of Majestic Waterfalls because of the numerous waterfalls situated in the area. There are around 23 waterfalls in and around Iligan, Maria. Cristina Falls is the most popular amongst them.
Waterfalls have long been a subject of great interest for nature enthusiasts. A waterfall is formed when the flowing water of the river falls steeply over a cliff or an area that is steep in nature. This flowing water generally falls a long distance and with a great amount of force. Depending on how they flow when they fall from an elevated height, waterfalls are classified into different types. These are, cascade, plunge, horsetail, fan, and segmented. Not only are these waterfall intriguing geographical features, they’re also places of great tourism value, some even declared as World Heritage Sites. Here, we take you on a journey to virtually visit the best!

Famous Waterfalls Around the World

Angel Falls

The Angel Falls, named after its discoverer James Crawford Angel, is the world’s highest waterfall. It falls from a height of 979 meters and has a plunge of about 807

Best Beaches in Sydney

The warm sandy beaches, waves thrashing across the shores, the cool water touching your feet, and the undying sea breeze. Every time someone asks me what would be my favorite travel destination, I can’t help but mention any place that has beautiful beaches. And I’m sure many of you share my passion for beaches. So, when it came to writing an article on the best beaches in Sydney, Australia, I had to jump on the opportunity.

Sydney has some of the most amazing beaches in the world and thousands of tourists select them as one of their travel destinations. The ocean beaches are separated into Northern and Southern beaches. All the beaches are located along the Pacific Ocean coastline and attract tourists and locals all year round because of its wonderful climate. So, if you are planning on putting Sydney as your next vacation spot, perhaps you’d like to know where all the fancy beaches are.

Top 5 Famous and Breathtaking Beaches in Sydney, Australia

Did you know that there are about 70 (big and small) beaches in the city? Yes! Whether you choose the Northern beaches located at the north side of the Sydney Harbour or the Southern beaches located

Beaches in North Carolina

Although this quote is from an anonymous philosopher, one would be hard-pressed to find someone who cannot relate to it. The blue, playful water, the eternal sounds of the seashore – the guttural baritone of the waves complemented by the high tremolo of the whistling wind – and the soft sand combine to create a much-desired “getting away from it all” sensation that calms and pleases us at once. The abstract stuff aside, the tangible side of our primordial admiration of oceans and beaches lies in the number of tourists who flock to beaches all over the world as soon as they get the chance. Beaches are always a popular travel destination, waiting to greet and soothe us with open arms. They are excellent spots to get rid of that pent-up weekday boredom.

The east coast of the United States is replete with stunning beaches that can make for a perfect weekend getaway or a fantastic family vacation. North Carolina houses many of those. North Carolina’s beaches can be, broadly, geographically divided into 3 regions:
The Outer Banks (OBX) includes many popular beaches, such as Avon, Hatteras, Rodanthe, Corolla, Ocracoke, etc. Part of the Outer Banks is preserved by

Best Beaches in Mexico

Did You Know?
According to the World Factbook, Mexico has the 13th longest coastline in the world.
Mexico is blessed with a coastline of 10,000 km along the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. As a result, it houses countless beach destinations that offer a variety of activities for tourists.

Mexico has gained a bit of a reputation as a vacation for the affluent, due to the rise of glitzy resorts such as Cancún and Acapulco. However, though that may well have been the case in the past, it is now accessible to tourists on every budget.

Here are Mexico’s best coastal resorts, the best of the gems that this wonderful country has to offer.

Mexico’s capital, Mexico City, is the ideal gateway into Mexico for most international travelers. Cities such as Mexico City, Cancún, Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, and Playa del Carmen have hundreds of Couchsurfing and Airbnb hosts for budget travelers. For those on a more ‘vacation budget’, there is a wealth of countless seaside resorts in each of these coastal destinations.
Mexico’s Best Beach Destinations

Getting There: Various American cities, including major hubs such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, are connected to Cancún by air. It is

Adventure Vacation Ideas For Couples

This time, surprise your spouse by taking him/her on a great adventure. Such vacations are one of the best ways to keep yourself active and energetic throughout the period. They allow you to explore new places in some unique manners, and also help you to get close to the nature in its true sense. Such ideas test your patience, strength, and your faith in hope.

Thrilling Ideas

Biking in Croatia: This is an ideal place for you to visit if you love biking. Croatia is Italy’s neighbor to the east, and it’s endued with beautiful landscapes. You and your spouse can go biking or cycling around the medieval castles and vineyards, along the scenic Adriatic sea.

Grand Canyon Oasis: If you love cascading waterfalls, water pools, and lush vegetation, then the best place to go is Havasupai, which is nestled deep in the Grand Canyon. You can enjoy scuba diving, river rafting, and hiking with your spouse. It is also very famous for the delicious cuisines that you can relish, and sleep peacefully under the starry sky.

Discover Glacier Country (Alaska): Imagine the mountains with puffy snow around it, turquoise water in the sea that is partly covered by snow; you are

Best Scuba Diving Destinations

The sea has always been a subject of great fascination and awe for mankind. No matter how deep we explore the saline waters, the ocean never seems to come to an end. Through the ages, humans have figured out ways and means to reach the bottom of the sea, and to explore and exploit its hidden treasures. However, the excitement and curiosity to know about and be a part of the underwater realm does not just end there. With the passage of time, diving became one of the most favorite recreational activities of adventure seekers, and sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving gained impetus. Today, scuba diving has become one of the greatest underwater adventures sought by adrenaline junkies, so much so that scuba diving tourism has occupied a veritable place in the world tourism industry.

World’s Best Scuba Diving Destinations
If you are planning to go on a scuba diving vacation in the near future, here is a list of some of the best destinations in the world that you can consider.

The Red Sea, Egypt

One dive underneath the surface of the Egyptian Red Sea, and all you can see is a huge variety

Snorkeling Destinations in the Caribbean

It does, indeed. After spending all our living span being bogged down by gravity, it sure is a welcome change to be floating in the depths of the sea, exploring a completely different world. And speaking of the marine world, what better place than the Caribbean? None, without a doubt.

Which is why, we bring you a list of places that are perfect for snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea. And believe me, we’re not just talking about viewing some gorgeous corals here; we’ve got stingrays, dolphins, whale sharks, and the likes.

Remember, the best time to be in the Caribbean is the dry season from December to April. The weather during these months is calm and breezy, making it perfect for snorkeling, diving, or simply lazing around.

Best Snorkeling Destinations in the Caribbean

Isla Mujeres, Mexico
How about an up, close, and personal encounter with the biggest fish in the sea? Yep, come to Isla Mujeres between June to August every year, to witness a massive whale shark congregation that is sure to have your wits floored. In fact, even before you take a dip, you’ll be able to witness hundreds of dorsal fins skimming the surface―a truly

Best Places for Hot Air Balloon Rides

Flying high in an endless sea of clouds, one amongst the birds, with a cool breeze brushing past you, the occasional gust of wind playing through your hair, raw and pleasant sun-rays gently settling upon your body, and your eyes wandering off as far as they can see, with nothing to obstruct your view… If this is not what being on top of the world means, then what does? This was only but a brief description of what you feel and experience when you are riding in a hot air balloon. It is almost as if you are weightless, drifting along with the wind in extreme silence, except the occasional fire bursts inside the balloon. The feeling is surreal, one of a kind, nothing short of what would feel like magic.

The whole point of taking a trip to the skies on a hot air balloon is to get a bird’s-eye view of the scenic locales, lush landscapes, snow-capped mountains, and rivers snaking through the valleys. You will appreciate the sunrise/sunset (depending on the time of day when you take the trip) in a totally different light after you have witnessed one during your flight. The world is aplenty